Hendry et al. Figure 2


Computer generated space filling models in stereo depicting the creation of an apyrimidinic cavity in the B form of DNA and the fit of an L-isoleucine into the apyrimidinic cavity. The view of the DNA is from the major groove with the codon on the left and anticodon on the right. The molecules are identical to those shown in skeletal views in Figure 1.

Click on the images below to view the molecules interactively. Choose the Spacefill option from the RASMOL Display menu and Specular from the Options menu for a rendered molecule. Select User from the Colors menu to color code the interactive molecule as in this and subsequent figures. RASMOL supports several representations of molecular structures which are useful. See the RASMOL User manual in the Help menu for more detailed information.

A ) The double stranded triplet sequence 5' ATC 3', 3' TAG 5', a codon-anticodon for L-isoleucine.

B) The cavity 5' A_C 3', 3' TAG 5' formed by removal of the pyrimidine nucleotide pdT.

C) the complex 5' A-ILE-C 3', 3' TAG 5' formed by insertion of amino acid into the cavity.