Hendry et al. Figure 4


Comparison of the fit into the apyrimidinic cavity 5' A_C 3', 3' TAG 5' using Connolly surfaces in stereo of structural analogs of L- isoleucine which are not found translated into protein. The cavity depicted in green mesh is the same as that in Figure 3 except that it is rotated upward 90 degrees. This view is from above the 3rd base C looking down the helix axis and shows the extent to which a given amino acid side chain can be inserted within the cavity.

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A) Complementary stereochemical fit of L-isoleucine into the cavity.

B) Poor fit of the L-alloisoleucine diastereoisomer in the cavity.

C) Poor fit of the D-alloisoleucine diastereoisomer in the cavity.

D) Poor fit of the D-isoleucine enantiomer in the cavity.

E) Poor fit of the tertiary butyl structural isomer of L-isoleucine in the cavity.

F) Poor fit of the structural homolog, L-homoisoleucine in the cavity.