Hughes et al.Table I

Table I
Detection of viruses in clinical specimens according to method of incubation.

(a) Different cell cultures were inoculated with fresh clinical specimens and then incubated either rolling at 2.0 to 3.0 rpm or non-rolling (control) .
(b) Viruses were detected and identified by cytopathic effect. The number of viruses that were detected initially or first at each condition (rolled or non-rolled) for each cell type were determined.
(c) N is the total number of viruses isolated.
(d) P-values were determined by the Wilcoxon signed-ranks test.
(e) HSV - herpes simplex virus; RSV - respiratory syncytial virus; EV - enterovirus.
(f) Indicates that more viruses were detected significantly sooner in that cell line for that particular condition, either rolled or non-rolled.
(g) (-) indicates that more viruses were not detected significantly sooner for that particular condition.