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  1. Simply start by clicking on SUBMIT-IT!, and following their instructions. They will send the information about your site to several places at once.
  2. When you've done that, go through our list of FREE SITES, manually clicking on the ones you want to submit your information to.
  3. If your site is truly oustanding, worthy of awards, send it to the SITE OF THE DAY areas. Please don't send your site to these if you're not sure that it is outstanding.
  4. Then, prepare a press release, and send it to the MAILING LISTS and NEWSGROUPS shown.
  5. Finally, if you intend to make a big splash on the internet and have some cash to throw around, contact the companies in the COMMERCIAL SITES. While they will charge you for a listing, often, they can generate huge amounts of traffic.

Submit It! - Add a link to your site from all the following at once! A great time-saver. Submits your site to ALL of the following:
f r e e sites (that DON'T charge you to list your site)

...Other than those included in Submit-It!

s p e c i a l i z e d sites
s i t e of the day sites (only for outstanding sites)
c o m m e r c i a l sites (that charge you to list your site)
u s e n e t newsgroups that accept press releases about new sites
m a i l i n g lists that accept press releases about new sites
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