Figure 1. A consensus of 8 equally parsimonious trees for samples of Cryptocercus from the eastern United States, based on DNA sequence portions of the mitochondrial 12S and 16S rRNA genes and equal weighting of characters. The numbers above branches are the percent of times a relationship was recovered in the 8 parsimonious trees. Numbers below branches are bootstrap values (in %) and decay indices (in steps), respectively. Bootstrap values below 50% and decay indices of 0 are not shown. Numbers enclosed in circles are male chromosome numbers as reported by Kambhampati et al. (1996). Tree length: 683 steps, consistency index: 0.76, retention index: 0.84, rescaled consistency index: 0.64. (1: Cryptocercus clevelandi,  2: Cryptocercus wrighti,  3: Cryptocercus punctulatus,  4: Cryptocercus garciai, 5: Cryptocercus darwini.)